Book Review: Sam - A life of Service to God and Country Written by Sam Okudzeto and Franka-Maria Andoh

I thoroughly enjoyed Uncle Sam’s autobiography. Although I was initially intimidated by the size of the book, it was such an easy read that it took me less than 3 days to finish reading it. Indeed, I stayed up late reading just because I simply couldn’t put the book down. His, is an extraordinary life captured in simple English.

I am grateful to Nana Awere Damoah for having this book delivered right to my desk at the office. Since Uncle Sam’s book was published, I’ve been longing to read it. However, I’ve not been lucky enough to come across a copy. I decided to check with Nana Damoah of BookNook Bookstore had a copy in stock. Although he didn’t have a copy, he went to Challenge Bookshop to purchase a copy for me. Then he had it delivered to my office.  All I had to do was to make payment by mobile money. Wow! Reading made very simple. I am super grateful to Nana and his team for the good work.

I know Uncle Sam personally, so I was excited to read his story. Indeed, he is a remarkable personality who commands a great deal of respect. In 1998, as part of preparation to attend a Girl Guide International Camp in Birmingham, UK, my mother designed Bob A Job (where my Girl Guides at?) sponsorship form for me to raise funds to cover the trip. With Bob A Job, I was required to do some chores in exchange for money. However, most people just gave me money without asking me to work. Not Uncle Sam, though, he gave me an opportunity to work at his law firm for one day. It was absolutely amazing. I remember I addressed letters mostly, then two of the staff took me out for lunch at British Council. Uncle Sam may have given me financial support for the camp, but the experience at his law firm was priceless.

Anyway, back to the book, Sam. My favourite thing about the book is the use of quotes. Right from the foreword by Hans Djaba, quotes are interspersed to tell a story.

The choice of words and the simple sentence structure makes it an easy read. And a very enjoyable one too.

The book also gives historical perspective. It was interesting to read the personal experience of someone who had actually lived through a time period that I have only read about from text books.

As I read the book, I got the chance to take a walk with uncle Sam through the key moments of his life. Indeed, he is a remarkable person. The love for his family is striking. There is no doubt that he’s a family man. I will definitely want to be part of the tradition of Sunday lunch with the family in his home.

I admire his resolute spirit, and from reading the book, his sense of loyalty is clear. His commitment to Rotary makes me want to be a Rotarian. The inclusion of Newspaper headlines and excerpts from the Hansard from Parliament takes the reader back into the time of the story and gives some background to other events happening in that era.

Without preaching or being judgmental, he tells his story in a way that makes it it obvious that he’s a great man. A man of wisdom and depth. And definitely a man worth reading about.


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